We are 8-bit.
About Us.

Oklahoma born and raised, we understand the challenges Oklahoma City area businesses face day to day. Whether your company is a small startup, or a well established business, we can customize a support plan to get you back in business again.

We strive every day to find new and exciting ways to accomplish goals faster, more reliably, and for less overall cost. We pride ourselves in not becoming stagnant as many other companies do, as we never want to hold our customers back. Time after time we see customers paying to support old and outdated hardware and software, and our goal is to inform those people how to get more from their money. Our technicians will work to get the job done cost effective and on time.

Our ideology.

We believe that all too often businesses in Oklahoma are taken advantage of by their technology providers and consultants, and that the number one way you can protect yourself against this type of behavior is information.

How often does your technology partner sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons of each piece of hardware and service that they offer? At 8-bit, we realize that you may not be privy to every facet of technology, but that you are an intelligent person, and simply need guidance. No longer will you need to hope and trust that the people you are doing business with have your best interests at heart, our goal is to inform you to a level where you can make informed choices about your technology future.

How we work.

1 First, we perform a FREE site evaluation for your company. We bring technicians on-site, and walk your entire network, leaving no stone un-turned. This allows us to formulate a plan to address current issues, as well as set up long term goals to keep you ahead of the curve.

2 Once we have a plan, all current issues are prioritized and addressed. During this phase, we are able to learn the way your day to day operations flow, and how we can minimize downtime, and maximize productivity. The main goal of this step is to get your business to a maintainable state.

3 Lastly, we keep your company technology maintained and up to date. We also help you make smart decisions with your technology budget, whether you buy your products from us or not!

Our promise to you.

In the years that 8-bit has been in business, we have come behind many IT companies that have left our customers in the dark regarding their technology, and more importantly, their money. We understand that your previous experiences with IT may not have been the most positive, but we promise to be open, honest, and straightforward with you, and let you know when you should (and shouldn't!) spend time and money on a project or issue. Never again will you receive a quote for an item that you don't understand the need for, or an explanation that you don't understand. We are committed to explaining your needs in plain English, and helping you make smarter IT choices that will minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.