Our Core Services

Full Desktop Support

Your business requires more out of your Desktop PCs than for them to just turn on. We take support to the next level by making sure your users have computers that are fast, and junkware / malware / virus free. The moment your employee has a problem, we can remotely step them through the fix, and make sure they can get back to work, trouble free!

Full Network Support

Run custom software on your Servers? Wondering if your network or internet speeds could be faster? Unsure of how to prioritize important traffic on your network? We take the Guesswork out of Networks. Let us bring your network up to date with new Switches, Routers, or cable, and get back the speed that old hardware can rob your company of!

Smart User Management

Need to manage users internet habits, but don’t know where to start? We can implement seamless Web Filtering, User Groups, Server Access Restrictions, and more. Keep your employees on-task while increasing security, all at a low price, and fully managed by us. On-wire Anti-Virus, Spam / Phishing Filtering, and Intrusion Detection are also available!

Custom Projects

Does your business have a need, but don’t know what it will take to achieve your goal? Sit down and explain your wants in plain English, and let us translate that into a working custom plan! After we work out the details, we can provide you with a turn-key cost quote, and after approval, get to work!

About Our Process


  • Email

    Have a short question and just need a quick answer? Email us and your assigned tech will typically respond within the hour!

  • Phone

    Need to talk it through? Give us a call to speak with a live human right away! We are always willing to chat, and no question is too small!

  • Training

    Need to get everyone on the same page? We can schedule a meeting and make sure everyone understands the correct procedures for your hardware / software. No project is too small!

  • 3rd parties

    Have outside hardware or software vendors that don’t quite speak your language? Let us be the translators! We can interact with 3rd parties on your behalf, and make sure your needs are met!


  • Personnel

    We take pride in customer satisfaction, and that means making sure no small issues get swept under the rug. We consistently check up on you to make sure everything is going great!

  • Updates

    The first step towards reliable tech is making sure your systems are all running the latest software. We constantly monitor the status of your software and proactively apply updates.

  • Servers

    Are your servers in tip-top condition? As the heart of a business, your servers health is our top priority. From battery backups, to RAID arrays, we have you covered.

  • Backups

    If disaster strikes, are you 100% protected against data loss? Only if your backups are running (and completing) properly! We make sure your data is safe, so you don’t have to.

Ongoing Discovery

  • Performance

    Can your business run smoother? Can your software be faster? We are always on the lookout for bottlenecks in your environment, and have the knowledge to get productivity into high-gear!

  • Upgrades

    As software becomes more capable, so too must your hardware. We monitor your servers, PCs, and network hardware to ensure that they meet your needs, and if not, recommend upgrades or replacements.

  • Storage

    When your business needs more storage, you don’t want to be caught off guard. We monitor your data usage, and make plans to avoid costly emergency upgrades.

  • Costs

    Are you getting the best rates from your ISP? What about your 3rd party software / hardware vendors? We ask the questions that get results, and cut down on your bottom line!